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After spending the best part of my twenties starting vastly ambitious writing projects and never actually finishing any of them, I finally faced up to the cold hard fact that I am never going to be the next Guy Debord or Herbert Marcuse… and that despite my very best efforts to lead the revolution, I’m probably more like Jeff (the Dude) Lebowski than Noam Chomsky.

Obviously it took me a while to get over the dissapointment of all of this. But then I thought, “what the heck”, I’ll downsize and see if I can get one of those blog things up and running instead…

So here it is; my very own digital soapbox!

The way I see it, this blog has 3 main aims:

1) “sticking it to the man”
2) Bringing Daily Mail readers out in hives
3) coaxing a few more smiles into the world

Thanks for stopping by!

Seriously, I’m honoured.

Steve Pepper